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While I wish every choir could hire and have a collaborative pianist, budget cuts and staffing challenges have made this difficult for many ensembles. I loved my experience collaborating with Chad DeLoach while guest conducting in Florida. I appreciate his musicality, kindness, and the care he has taken to gather appropriate licensing permissions for his accompaniments in providing educators and conductors with this resource they can use when a live pianist is not an option.

Dr. Andrea Ramsey, Composer

During my time guest conducting in Florida, I truly enjoyed collaborating with Chad DeLoach. He's not only a superb musician, but also a wonderful person who was easy to work with!

Laura Farnell, Composer

Chad is not only a fine pianist and technician, but someone who plays with heart and passion - in virtually any style or genre. I have used his tracks many times for my choirs, and always been extremely pleased, as well as having the honor of him accompanying my choirs for live performances. I highly recommend his work!

Debbie Cleveland, 36 yr. Choral Director, Retired

As a retired Choral Music Educator, I can testify to the importance of a quality accompanist in the rehearsals as well as the concerts. Chad DeLoach more than meets this requirement. Chad plays with excellent technical skills, but equally important, he plays with sensitivity and artistry. He brings musicality to any group he accompanies. He has served as collaborative artist for many of our Florida All State Choirs. His talent on the keyboard is exceptional. I fully endorse Chad’s Choral Accompanist Tracks. Live or recorded, Chad will enhance your choir's rehearsal / performance with his outstanding accompanying skills.

J. Mark Scott, Executive Director Emeritus, Florida Vocal Association

I am thrilled to write a letter supporting Chad DeLoach and this project. Chad served as the accompanist for the Florida State University Singers. At that time, I was the conductor of the choir. Chad did an outstanding job. He had the technical skills to be successful in a wide range of choral repertoire. He is a skilled, sensitive, collaborative pianist who was a joy to work with.

Dr. Andre Thomas, Professor Emeritus, Florida State University

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